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Get To Know Me!


I am Emily Marie Stephens. I am a graduate of the Bachelors of Science, Information and Library Science program at the University of Maine-Augusta, USA. This was an enormous step towards my goal. That is becoming a manuscripts and digital archival librarian. To work at a university library to oversee and help digitize important artifacts. It has actually been a dream of mine since I moved to England.

Though it has not been left I had been volunteering at the Suffolk Record Office, Bury St. Edmunds branch. I am working closely with the volunteer coordinator on a project that involves the Women's Land Army from World War Two. I am excited about this fantastic opportunity because I take an interest in Women’s Issues and Gender Studies.

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel widely in my life. Having orienally come the midwestern state of Wisconsin, I do love the idea of a road-trip when a friend asks me. My mother has a job in which she teaches at schools on United States military bases, so I get to travel the world. I have lived in Japan, Germany, and England. I have seen beautiful libraries in my travels. I must admit, I do love Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland. It has rows of books and it just feels rustic. It also has the Book of Kells, an incredible manuscript piece that has survived well over 400 years. One day, I would love to go in to Sorbonne Library in Paris.

​I live with English Cocker Spaniel called Watson. I wanted to call him a character from a classic book. However, he did not look like a Atticus or a Paddington. He is nine now.

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